Job Category: Parts
Job Type: Hourly
Job Location: Houston

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:

  1. Phone Room Staff is expected to generate a minimum of sales per month.  This amount is on the MTD Performance that shows the sales performance of each person.
  2. Phone Room Staff is to answer an incoming call within three rings when not on the phone with a customer.
  3. Phone Room Staff is to ask a customer on the phone if they mind being placed on hold, then answer an incoming line and take a message to return call.
  4. Phone Room Staff is expected to generate sales from outgoing calls.  Each Phone Room Staff member will be provided a list of customers to call.
  5. Phone Room Staff is expected to promote other areas of the dealership.
  6. Phone Room Staff is to generate one service repair lead per day for the service department.  These leads will be forwarded to the Leadman daily.
  7. Phone Room Staff is to generate one body shop lead per day for the body shop.  These leads will be forwarded to the Leadman daily.
  8. Phone Room Staff is to print pick tickets to dispatch staging immediately upon entering the customer order.  If additional parts will be added to the ticket, another ticket should be reprinted and dispatch should be notified.
  9. Phone Room Staff should add all parts to the invoice, including parts for pick up that are also to be delivered on an order.
  10. Phone Room Staff is not to print the invoice for customer orders; this is the responsibility of the ticket dispatch.
  11. Cores are not to be sold at exchange.
  12. When conducting business with the customer, ensure all pertinent paperwork, including invoice, credit card, etc are signed.
  13. Staff is to type pertinent information on the note portion of the invoice i.e. deliver within two hours, requires p.o., pick up cores, etc.  This will assist with deliveries and meeting customer needs.
  14. For parts orders where freight will be incurred, freight is to be billed out immediately after placing the part on a ticket.  The Parts Manager is the only person who may authorize its removal.  Payment is to be collected for freight at the time a customer places the order.
  15. 100% down payment for an ordered part is to be collected from a customer at the time a part is ordered.
  16. All customers are to be charged a 10% restocking fee.

Finer Points

It is very easy for Phone Room Staff to fall into the role of an “order taker” rather than take each opportunity to sell other products the dealership has to offer.  Service sales lead to parts sales, body shop sales lead to parts sales, truck sales leads may lead to parts sales.

Employee Expectations: ALL Parts Department Employees

  1. Act in accordance with the policies and procedures established by Parts Department Manager and in the current Employee Handbook.
  2. Behave professionally.
  3. Insure that the Parts Department is clean and professional.
  4. All staff is expected to keep an eye out for the company’s high profile customers and go above and beyond what is normally expected. 
  5. Stay up to date with training requirements, including Freightliner LLC, Sprinter, Detroit Diesel, KPA.
  6. Treat the tools they have been provided with care i.e. computer, telephone, etc.  Keeping their work place tidy and organized.
  7. Operate company equipment in accord with all safety requirements and manufacturer specification, safely and courteously and vehicle laws.
  8. Promptly report all suspicious or illicit behavior e.g. theft, potential altercations, customers misusing vending machines.
  9. Wear company issued uniform at all times, as appropriate.
  10. Perform miscellaneous work related tasks as directed by their manager.
  11. In the event of separation of employment, an employee must work a complete month in order to receive any bonus that may have been awarded.

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