Job Category: Technician
Job Type: Hourly
Job Location: Houston

REPORTS TO: Shop Foreman/Operations Manager

  1. Understand and abide by all company policies and procedures
  2. Be professional at all times, always interact appropriately with customers and fellow employees
  3. Dress appropriately (uniforms) as outlined in Company Hand Book
  4. Be present and accounted for 15 minutes prior to shift, work only hours that are assigned and have overtime pre-authorized by one of the two individuals listed above adhere to scheduled breaks and lunch periods
  5. Perform all task of an Hourly Tech be responsible for Diagnosis, Repair, and Quality Assurance of work on Class six, seven, and eight; on and off highway vehicles and forklifts
  6. Perform all work as assigned by Supervisors in order of priority
  7. Punch in and out on attendance clock at appropriate times, clock on and off each job of repair order and write description of work with each punch
  8. Review repair order, maneuver unit into shop ONLY after installing floor and seat covering
  9. Diagnose problems and report to Foreman or Manager for approval, prepare estimates when required
  10. Make only authorized repairs and test drive unit when completed or have unit test driven for Quality Assurance
  11. Return all cores when job is completed and tag any parts deemed or suspected to be warrantable
  12. Clean work area and return all shop tools to proper location
  13. Proof read stories and make sure verbiage is correct and includes Complaint, Cause and Correction for each job step
  14. Follow all Company rules and Policy as outlined in the Employee handbook
  15. Perform any other duties instructed by a Manager of the Service Department
  16. This job requires occasional lifting, (up to 50 lbs.), pushing/moving (up to 75 lbs.), sitting, walking, traversing the department and or Dealership inside and outside. The job may require standing for extended periods (up to eight hours a day), as well as frequently squatting, reaching, twisting, bending, pushing, pulling and climbing, as well as some degree of fine manipulation. Computer operation may be required for extended periods. The ability to communicate accurately and articulately on an ongoing basis is essential. Occasional inspection and recognition may be required on an ongoing basis. Physical fitness in general is a requirements of this position. You will be required to operate a class 6, 7, and 8 vehicles some with manual transmission
  17. Always adhere to all prescribed PPE requirements, job and location safety guidelines and participate to the location specific safety training and requirements
  18. Obtain and maintain CDL License in order to properly operate and test drive truck repairs. (Class B CDL only)
  19. Obtain and maintain the Forklift Operators license and certifications as required by product.
  20. Process and or acquire all tools necessary to carry out your job requirements.

Note: Job Descriptions are intended to be a guide and they are subject to change. They are by no means an all inclusive list nor are they designed to replace verbal interaction with Immediate Supervisor.

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