Job Category: Parts
Job Type: Hourly
Job Location: Houston

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:

  1. Front Counterpersons are expected to generate a minimum of sales per month.  This amount is on the MTD Performance that shows the sales performance of each person.
  2. Front Counterpersons are to fill the needs of the customer at the counter. 
  3. When a line forms at the counter, the Front Counterpersons are to acknowledge new customers and let them know they will get with them as soon as they finish meeting the needs of their current customer.
  4. Front Counterpersons are to perform “Will Call” tasks when demand from these customers exceeds the designated Will Call person’s capability.
  5. Front Counterpersons are not to receive damaged parts and issue credit for a new one in its place; the customer must purchase a new part.  When the OEM determines that a part is warrantable, the customer will then be eligible for a credit.
  6. Front Counterpersons are responsible for checking their own core returns.  If they do not feel comfortable with this, they are still responsible, but should consult another opinion from a more seasoned Counterperson.
  7. Front Counterpersons dual as cashiers for the customers to whom they sell parts.  Each is responsible for accuracy in their cash drawer.
  8. A driver’s license is to be collected from a customer who uses a dolly and given back when they return the dolly.

Finer Points It is very easy for Front Counterpersons to fall into the role of an “order taker” rather than take each opportunity to sell other products the dealership has to offer.  Front Counterpersons are expected to sell products related to the primary part a customer needs.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following: Shared Inside Sales functions (Will Call, Front Counter Person)

  1. Cores are not to be sold at exchange.
  2. When conducting business with the customer, ensure all pertinent paperwork, including invoice, credit card, etc are signed.
  3. Staff is to type pertinent information on the note portion of the invoice i.e. deliver within two hours, requires p.o., pick up cores, etc.  This will assist with deliveries and meeting customer needs.
  4. For parts orders where freight will be incurred, freight is to be billed out immediately after placing the part on a ticket.  The Parts Manager is the only person who may authorize its removal.  Payment is to be collected for freight at the time a customer places the order.
  5. 100% down payment for an ordered part is to be collected from a customer at the time a part is ordered.
  6. All customers are to be charged a 10% restocking fee.
  7. Staff is to make daily phone calls to assigned accounts on a daily basis.  In the event of an absence, staff may be assigned the phone calls of absent parties.
  8. Staff is expected to return parts to their assigned places when parts are returned.
  9. Staff is expected to move dirty cores to area designated for cores, properly documenting paperwork immediately after cores are accepted.
  10. Staff is expected to move warranty parts to area designated for warranty parts, properly documenting paperwork immediately after warranty parts are accepted.

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